Interests: child and family policy, early childhood education, parental wellbeing and labor market outcomes, economics of gender

Works in Progress

[1] The effect of targeted public pre-K on the broader child care market in Illinois, in progress.

[2] Parenthood and health: Measuring the effects of maternity leave, paternity leave, and child care (with Jennifer Heissel), in progress.

  • Funded by Evidence for Action (E4A) grant, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

[3] Child care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic: Disparities in providers’ access to financial support and workers’ access to care (with Terri Sabol, Timea Viragh, & Alison Rosengren), in progress.

Working Papers

[1] Baby bumps in the road: The impact of parenthood on job performance and career advancement (with Jennifer Heissel), job market paper.

[2] Gonzalez, K., Healy, O., Miratrix, L., & Sabol, T.J. (2020). The ups and downs of classroom quality over the preschool year and relations to children’s school readiness. Mimeo November 2020.

[3] Healy, O., Gonzalez, K., Miratrix, L., & Sabol, T.J. Variation in teacher quality over the preschool year and its implications for early childhood education accountability systems. Mimeo July 2020.